Facebook Ad & High-Converting Landing Page that Doubles Revenue in 1 Month


Additional Gifts made in the first month.


Chance of hiring additional team members.

The Company

Gift Inside crafts premium, high-quality, personalized gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc.

The founders are looking for a strategy that can skyrocket their company in a matter of weeks.

The Challenge

During their 5 months in business, Gift Inside was heavily dependant on Organic traffic source on Instagram.

The Strategies

  • Starting a split-test on different ads on Facebook & Instagram.
  • Develop a high-converting landing page, while further optimizing it.
  • Focusing our ad spend on high ROI products.

The Results

In just a matter of 1 month, their sales skyrocketed by an additional 240%.

Even during the split-test stage, the ads were extremely profitable. What they’d achieved in more than two months was made in the first month with Manusa.

Lesson Learned

Even with a simple funnel of creating irresistible advertisement and high-converting landing page, Gift Inside was able to double its revenue in the first month.

Though, we hope Gift Inside will consider other growth opportunities such as PPC, SEO, E-mail marketing, etc.

“Working together has been great! When I woke up, leads were flooding on my phone!”
-Elizabeth, owner of Gift Inside

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