Where should you advertise? Facebook? Instagram? Google? Tiktok? Youtube?

The widespread adoption of smartphones has given rise to the latest form of advertising: digital marketing.

According to a study from Pew Research Center, the average person spends over four hours each day on their smartphones, and nearly half of those are on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. For advertisers, social media is the new TV.

But which channel should you go first?

First, you need to think: where are your customers. Where are the people that need your product/service?

Just because all businesses jump to Facebook and Instagram, doesn’t mean that you should build your first base there.

For example, if someone’s looking for a dentist. What will they most probably do? Will they type in ‘dentist’ on Facebook and Instagram? Unlikely.

They go to Google and they type in ‘dentist near me’.

So if you’re a dentist, the first thing that you need to do is not creating content and advertising on Facebook & Instagram, but to be visible in google organically, and inorganically.

Once you’ve thrived in Google, only then should you find another channel to help you get more growth.

The next level will be creating a highly irresistible offer and show it to as many people as possible.

Because in google, sooner enough you will hit a ceiling as there’s only a limited number of people typing in ‘dentist’ in a month.

This is when you find which other advertising channel has your customers’ attention that will bring you profit in the long term.

This is when you need to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and all these things.

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