Online marketing will only get more competitive

As time goes, businesses realize that it is a necessity to go online. This means there will be much more demand for advertising, and those advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc. will just get more expensive because of it.

Most businesses focus only on the front-end. How to acquire customers as cheap as possible, and generate profit as much as possible.

That is not completely wrong. In fact, that actually is the best way to scale a business in a short period of time.

However, if you look at the long run, the cost to reach the same amount of customers will keep on increasing.

This means that your profit will decrease over time and you don’t want that.

Few businesses realize this. So they build a strong back-end, which is a tribe of highly qualified leads and customers where they will get their profit from.

They might not make as much profit on the front end. But in the back end, there will be a high number of returning customers and delighted customers. This is where they reap their profit.

So how is this possible?

If you think about it, businesses that focus only on the front end pay to get their customers. This is a one-cycle process.

But if you focus on a profitable front end AND you’ve built a strong back end on top of it, you will have your own traffic and loyal customers.

And you don’t need to pay for your brand to be shown to these people.

This is where they squeeze their profit. This is where you double your customers’ lifetime value.

So who do you think will win long term?

The business that only cares about their profit on the front end? Or the business that has got a very good back-end, willing to give up their profit on the front end to acquire tribe of as many highly qualified leads and customers as possible?

It is very very easy to answer that.

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